Why Actual food is more Beneficial than Food Supplements

by ben interactive on Feb 25, 2021

Why Actual food is more Beneficial than Food Supplements

Why Actual food is more Beneficial than Food Supplements

Maintaining a Balanced Diet

When it comes to maintaining a healthy balanced diet, actual food is a far better choice for your body than simply “meeting your macros” through food supplements, then washing it all down with a few processed vitamins. A balanced diet is a lot more complicated than all of your favourite celebrities or well-paid supplement indorsing fitness “experts” will inform you of through YouTube vlogs. Above all, eating foods from all of your required food groups in their correct proportions is required if you’d like to remain healthy… However, this is not very easy to do when you’re taking nutrient specific tablets from food supplements.

Higher Doses of Required Vitamins and Minerals

As mentioned in the last point, eating a balanced diet (that contains many important vitamins and minerals, on top of foods from all of the other major food groups) is one of the most important aspects when it comes to remaining healthy. However, in order to remain fit, it’s also very important to eat all of these foods in the correct proportions. Too many fats and carbs, and you could find yourself getting obese. Too little protein, and you could find yourself rapidly losing muscle mass. As such, balance is key.

In order to cater for this, many food supplement companies are now offering multivitamin tablets that are designed to give you all of the vitamins and mineral you could ever possibly need, without you having to eat actual food. However, an emerging problem with this is that these multivitamins tend to contain doses of vitamins and minerals that are too high for the human body to absorb. So, unless (worst case scenario) these high doses cause health issues, you may find yourself simply flushing thousands of dollars down the toilet. The healthier choice would be to simply eat clean fresh foods that are affordable, and filled with unprocessed vitamins and minerals in their natural proportions.

Here at Eat BCM, we understand the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. As such, we’d like to encourage you to eat clean freshly cooked unprocessed foods that will strengthen you’re body, and keep you fit. For more information, simply Visit our website.